Attention, attention… Oh, oh, oooooh ! Poshmark makes shopping fun, affordable & easy! In the blog below you can find people who upload their Zara looks. i love zara too! Great advice Garance! Le seul hic : en général, les matières ne sont pas fantastiques, mais pour un prix toujours super raisonnable, on trouve des trucs vraiment dégaines. et au moins, je suis -presque- la seule à porter ça ! Ah, moi aussi, ca me fait de plaisir de voir Geraldine mentionnee – d’autant plus que vous avez poste sur les memes sujets recemment! Aug 8, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Elodie Le Boucher. Holiday Gift Guide. A propos des habits très – voire trop – inspirés de travaux d’autres créateurs : Tu avais publié il y a quelques temps un billet parlant de l’aménagement de ton appartement à New York, des meubles que tu avais achetés ou projeté d’acheter. Aaaaaaooooohhhhh yeahhhh! :) ) La Petite Robe Noire de Guerlain é um perfume Oriental Baunilha Feminino.La Petite Robe Noire foi lançado em 2012. ATTENTION pour avoir le maximum de pièces à vitesse grand V dans les tendances du moment, Merci, Garance, pour les conseils! Good points. Pour les bijoux tatty devine. :). Ton post est vraiment génial ! H&M (toujours) ne pratique pas cette différence de prix. Bonjour Garance, 3 – I’ve found the perfect aquamarine coat, seems like it’s my Piece, I’m still delirious about it. I keep coming back for basic T shirts (no prints, natural material, relaxed cut). Now I would love to see it. Hahaha your guide is spot-on! I love Zara…but you have to have a good eye.. and I have this eye… always I found pieces that people don’t recognize that they are from Zara and they look absolutley fabulous… Great post, love your way to express , it’s so refresh to read your thoughts and opinion from a simple brand that everyone knows and every women have at least two or more pieces from Zara… WRONG!!!!! ZARA PLEASE CRÉE POUR UN AUTRE TYPE DE CORPS AUSSI, I’m always surprised when I see that people from USA or developed countries in Europe regard Zara in this certain way ( like you mentioned in the 9 to 5 post) because I come from Romania and when you say you got something from Zara here you’re like ‘OMG I can’t believe you would pay so much on that fancy necklace! ( pareil, la aussi il faut trier, il y aussi beaucoup de pièces de qualité pas top ). I understand why young women with few resources go there, but as an older woman with a consciousness about how things are made and how long they’ll last (and an awareness that we all could do with buying a lot less), I can’t shop there anymore. STATIONERY . La Perla | Lingerie, Sleepwear & Swimwear. Ouiiii complétement d’accord avec la qualité des foulards Zara !! Great tips! Maybe it’s a coat, maybe a bag, a shirt, a sublime pair of pants… Et merci pour cet article, c’est vrai que Zara est parfois effrayant ! I am glad you made this guide and I will ask the sales lady for the deliveries day. . Elle m’avait donne envie de lire Just Kids…, Sinon je note les conseils Zara: a Sydney le premier Zara a ouvert l’annee derniere et j;etais trop trop contente, mais a vrai dire j’y rentre et j’en sors 2 minutes apres, deroutee devant les tas de vetemens partout. 4.7 out of 5 stars 472. I do agree with what you in the fact that some of the items resemble designer collections but the basic wardrobe essentials are just too great to pass on! One, there is a Zara across the street from where I work (Literally, I can look out the window and see the storefront) and two, I’m looking for an amazing coat for winter…..maybe it will be from Zara, or maybe not. It feels a little like it’s all alone, a little detached from the rest of the shelf. 12 janv. By the way, I have an ESSENTIAL question to ask, that has nothing to do with fashion (that’s cool sometimes…lol) Sooooo now that you are a New Yorker… Knicks or Nets ?? La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum So Frenchy de Guerlain é um perfume Oriental Baunilha Feminino. De Mexico à Paris, on pense très fort a vous. Well, Max Mara does, but at crazy prices and I have to wait for their final 70% sale to be able to afford them. Furthermore, the home offers a … je doit y retourner!! Also if you see a piece in a magazine go on line to order. $47.20. Coucou Garance , j’ai beaucoup aimé ton article à propos de Zara ! Stay real Garance, kisses! I’m wondering if we’re looking in the same stratosphere or if you have any advice for me. Cette sensibilité et votre talent font de vous une des personnalités du web les plus suivies et dont l’avis influence celui de vos lectrices. I once even bought one from the menswear department and now it happens to be my favourite piece! after what was probably a 5+ year absence, inspired by your post and Zara’s very attractive recent lookbooks and campaigns, I stopped by a store last night. LOVE THIS. On a side note, I was going through Scott’s new book and I just came across the section with photos of you. Scott, I swear to God, I’d marry her in the mornin’…. Explore The New Collection And Find The Perfect Kimono Jacket For This Season. Dommage; très dommage…Un euro ou deux de plus accordé au fabricant par pièce et le vêtement aurait été de toute beauté, sans défaut rédhibitoire…Dommage, très dommage It’s rare**. I used to buy at Zara until there was a huge scandal here in Brazil showing that a big amount of the clothes are made by slaves.–zara-pointee-du-doigt.html, I love the fact that, even though you have collaborated with net-a-porter on different projects, you can still write about how you don’t get the people who can shop online, because you have to touch and feel the fabric etc. So I stuffed my luggage with a few pieces then – and then I’ve been buying a few things here and there since. Amicalement, Nos centres-villes en France ou ailleurs seraient-ils aussi attractifs si il n’y avait que des Zara & co pour faire du shopping? but- because of it I started to dress simplier so in the end it did sth good for me. Je fais exactement comme toi mais il faut bien dire que depuis 4-5 saisons ils sont au top, j’imagine grâce à l’interactivité avec le web (défilés en ligne immédiatement, etc). I have a pair of jeans that Iw bought years ago, they are so good, flattering! There are some pieces that are one of the best in my wardrobe but also it tricks me and I buy stuff that are just pretty but don’t go well with anything. Each collection is slightly different fit-wise. ps: Aujourd’hui j’ai trouvé THE pièce, un magnifique manteau ! Fast delivery, full service customer support., sorry I agree with Sarah, I have the same problem. #zaraar. I take either size small or extra small-fake leopard skin coat to the knee (Also, is the link to your popular scarf missing?). c’est superbe comme d’habitude! Alugue esse apartamento com estúdio para R$ 871 por dia! this video is in portuguese, but you can click on the caption to see the subtitles in english: I will never buy at Zara again. I remember the one I went to in Paris got shipments in on Thursdays. Est-ce qu’il est nécessaire de ne pas avoir de seins ou presque pas? Hi Garance! Car le concept même de zara c’est le pompage, c’est de bonne guerre.Exemple le top péplum chez Zara à 40E, chez Céline 1500E. I love Zara and I do the same for H&M too… Sincerly, this year I didn’t find anything cool, unfortunatly everything’s studded! I stopped buying knits at Zara a while ago, they fall apart so quickly….. What was your first ‘designer’ piece. _ les sacs. :). ‘. my greatest love is COS because of their minimalistic but newer dull pieces and their quality versus prices. On y trouve souvent des beaux classiques dans des couleurs originales (genre jaune citron). LUXURY WEDDING DESIGN . Dec 2, 2017 - Shop Women's Zara size XS Trousers at a discounted price at Poshmark. I’m a true fan of Zara’s linen tee collection though! A chaque fois que j’y fais un tour, je termine avec trois, quatre articles. xx. It takes a trained eye to spot an original, because our eyes are so saturated with “the trend” and wanting to satisfy our craving for more upscale items outside of our reach. Wonderful post. On the other hand I did get a great denim shirt there earlier this year. . Looking forward to seeing your illustrations on sale! Any advice from you (& readers!) First of all quality of fabrics is really cheap (mostly polyestere and I cannot wear it!!! Loading... Unsubscribe from Naturellement Lyla? Kirin Dejonckheere, Amanda Googe and Lex Herl front Zara Studio fall-winter 2017 collection Zara goes with a strict black and white color palette for the launch of its fall-winter 2017 Studio collection. I am very green in my career so my bank account is very sad most of the time. I agree with you! En revanche, dans ma ville provinciale (Rennes), je ne supporte plus les files d’attente interminables et la loi du 5 articles maximum en cabines. Après il y a leur manteau, même ma nouvelle parka je l’ai acheté chez eux! Haley’s cozy space by tarakaypoly featuring a colorful bedding. Lately it seems even harder to find something good in Zara. Ma petite soeur qui habite vers Colombus m’a dit qu’elle n’avait quasi rien senti à part un peu plus de vent …, ah, et J’AIME le Kaki de ton illustration, toujours aussi belle …. They rarely have 36, or anything slightly smaller for that matter, so it’s next-to-impossible for me to find shoes there. Then I moved to London where on Oxford Street only, you can find 5 or 6 Zara stores, crazy!!! Gorgeous illustration! La robe … ça va dans le NY de chez toi ? Mango is also a great shop for affordable t-shirts and sweaters etc and I just bought a beautiful coat from there that looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. Et petit tuyau pour le port de jean taille basse : il faut porter un body ! You actually have incredible well written articles. Jun 11, 2018 - Shop Women's Zara Size 2 Skinny at a discounted price at Poshmark. Je fais une grande taille, et de ce fait, je ne rentre presque jamais dans des vêtements Zara (ou alors les coupes oversize, ça dépend), mais j’aime assez leurs foulards et quelques paires de chaussures aussi. Oh, I totally agree with you. pour le samedi une robe asymétrique noire, toute simple, (49€) avec les escarpins bicolore (39.90€) !Un style très rock/british/bobo auquel j’adhère complètement, mais là aussi il faut venir souvent car on ne trouve pas toujours son bohneur n’importe comment. store recently. Also, two of my favorite bags are from Zara. (Gosh, “delainage,”? from pieces that are a little too “inspired by…”. SIORO Men's Robe Terry Cotton Bath Robes Shawl Collar Soft Bathrobe Calf Length Spa Shower Loungewear. In Spain most people buy in Zara, so you have to be creative if you don´t want to look like the rest. We shall see! I have to admit, I have a couple of Zara woman items that I own for over 6 years now and the quality and shape is still amazing though. ... Beide Teile entstammen der Zara Studio Familie und wurden jetzt von mit für einen Bruchteil des eigentlichen Ladenpreises in ihr neues Habitat übergeführt! Bon faut dire qu’avec la collection Maison Martin Margiela ce sera la furie mais en temps normal, je procède comme tu viens d’indiquer. Let’s gift him with a little something to make those hobbies of his even... From timeless fashion to indulgent fragrances, here are our picks for that woman in your life who has kept it all together. All you have to do is ask the sales person and she’ll tell you when the delivery comes to your local Zara. I hesitated and the next day it was sold. Mon endroit pour faire du shopping pas cher, c’est, j’adore c’est vraiment top. Je suis fan de Zara ! $20.99 $ 20. Oysho parfois c’est pas mal pour un style cocoon (c’est surtout leurs soutifs qui sont de qualité je trouve). The thing not to do is to get super excited about pieces that look just like something you saw somewhere else. I’ll put together a post explaining all this later!) I really love Zara, but now even more since I moved to London cause in Spain for some reason is not as good. La marque qui est bien et avec des prix raisonnables c’est COS, j’ai travaillé chez eux cet été avant de venir à NYC (d’ailleurs pas de COS ici !!boring!!) For the best quality at a good price: COS, GAP and UTERQÜE (the last is from INDITEX, like ZARA), Je me permets de vous signifier mon agacement face à ce plébiscite de Zara qui n’est pas le premier sur votre site. 99. If I don’t see anything, I flip a 180 and out I go. Description: Tie waist blazer with ruffled sleeves. es-tu restee chez toi ? I refrain myself to jeans, wool, 100% cotton items. C’est bien de voir que vous continuez amies, bien qu’ayant des points de vue différents. When it comes to bags, it is always faux leather bag or satchel from Mango/Zara. Guess I just have an old soul and different style when it comes to fashion. And outside of Zara, who has good stuff for a good price? . I need a go to place for t-shirts! It is funny that you say that in Paris the best stuff is in the middle of the store. :-). In reality, though, Zara had just launched a brand new category. Qu’à que mon espace à moi c’est H&M. Bises I might be weird but I shop exclusively at Zara when I was only 12. Déjà à matières égales, la qualité et durée de vie est meilleure chez H&M, combien de manteaux et chemises se sont décousues après les avoir très peu portées ? My sister didn’t buy it because she is too short. I must admit that I have a love-hate relationship with Zara, especially since I moved to NYC. Even when they’re made of cashmere, they don’t hold up. Le basic : comme son nom l’indique des pièces basiques comme les fameux t-shirt en lin ou encore leurs slims de toutes les couleurs. cute sweatshirts (I love ombre) and graphic tees (wearing stuff with French text makes me feel more cosmopolitan – and I get to exercise my highschool French!) je suis toujours à la rechercher de pulls de bonnes qualités et qui ne soient pas à des prix dérisoires! Its the first and last store I visit. Zara’s men’s section has some good stuff-if you are a woman. Alas, here in Sydney, Zara seems to only sell leftovers. Enjoy Free Shipping with $50 Orders. Casual Button Down Knitwear Women Loose Coat For Fall Q1538. Me and my friends would even drive to Andorra in Spain to stock up on Zara clothes as there is no tax over there. et pour vendre aussi c’est le meilleur! Length: 43". Every time I would go to a store I would be disappointed. Sold by fionaceleste. A bientot! In the US you can return things for 30 days, this definitely encourages the buy first, question later. I don’t know how you find anything at Zara – and I love the midi skirt in one of your other posts. Je suis une grande fan de Massimo Dutti, on peut faire totalement confiance, même pas besoin de regarder les étiquettes, et à peine besoin d’essayer! xo. Well, not really. Bon, je vais revoir ma façon de procéder, et suivre ton plan de bataille!!. Also their Studio line is note-worthy, nice fabrics, much silk and more contemporary lines. Pour les marques, je me contente des sacs et chaussures qui durent plus longtemps. I like Zara, from time to time they really have great peaces. i also like to check what’s new once in two weeks at least and yes some of my favorite pieces come from zara