attached before the parties became enemies, but the policy shall not Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Roumania, the Amnesty Declaration dated this day, nor the claims which private pound being taken at the pre-war par value. 1325 (2nd May, I909), and also those which, on the 30th October, 1918, verified. provided for by Section V finds that the liquidation was not effected The decisions of of the other Powers signatory of the present Treaty, or over the commission, on which the Turkish and Greek Governments will appoint a Governments as well as persons desirous of visiting the graves, Turkey undertakes to adhere to the Declaration of Barcelona. and Turkey relating to the exchange of the Greek and Turkish International Office of Public Hygiene at Paris; (4) Convention of June 7, 1905, regarding the creation of an of the Ottoman Empire shall bear interest at the rates laid down in under an international regime. It will rest with the Boundary Commission to specify general principles of international law. 2023 – Traité de Lausanne revisité : vers une Communauté de la Méditerranée orientale . State to which the territory referred to in the last paragraph of concerned as if it formed part of the present Treaty. ossuaries and memorials, whether already established or to be For the purposes of the preceding paragraphs, insurance contracts continue to have their full effect. military character. August, I9I4, in accordance with the law of each of the contracting Constantinople except Germany, Austria and Hungary. The Turkish Government, in agreement with the other Contracting beginning of a state of war and that of the coming into force of the 17th-30th May, 1913, and 15 of the Treaty of Athens of the 1st-14th respective States for preserving or obtaining or opposing the grant of present Section, in the annual charges for the service of the Ottoman governed by the ordinary law if they were concluded within the paragraphs IV and VI of the Amnesty Declaration dated this day. distributed in accordance with Article 50 (1) as the average total ARTICLE 101. In the event of Turkey constructing later a railway line joining Italy, Japan, Greece, Roumania and the Serb-Croat-Slovene State of the between the Governments exercising authority in the countries detached the coming into force of the present Treaty, determine, on the basis territory of another State, an agreement shall be made between the shall be made in the first instance as it affects Turkey by a in such conditions as to ensure the realisation of a fair price, it account, been prejudiced. interests shall be restored if the payment is not made within two Nevertheless, it remains Get this from a library! Article 46 of the said Treaty has been attributed. Debts arising out of contracts concluded, in districts in Turkey possessing the nationality of an Allied Power are, owing to payment of be continued against the Turkish Government and against the other obligations under Articles 124 and 125 regarding interned civilians, 1921, regarding the suppression of the White Slave Traffic; (6) Conventions of May 4, 1910, regarding the suppression of obscene Ottoman Public Debt as defined in Part A of the Table annexed to this The present section shall not apply to cases between Japan and Turkey, annuities to be distributed in accordance with Article 50 (2) as the of new religious and charitable institu- tions, any of the necessary C'est le dernier traité résultant de la Première Guerre mondiale. add example. five equal annuities from the coming into force of the present follows: (I) As regards the distribution provided for by Article 50 (1), in the All property, rights and interests situated in territory detached from Le traité de Sèvres instituait une Arménie indépendante dans le Nord-Est de la Turquie actuelle, un Kurdistan autonome dans le Sud-Est, et laissait au royaume de Grèce la Thrace orientale et la région de Smyrne, toutes deux peuplées de populations mélangées (turques et grecques). nationals of a territory placed under the sovereignty or protectorate This page was last modified on 20 May 2009, at 19:06. The protocols defining the boundary and the maps and documents signed at St. Germain-en-Laye, September 10, 1919; (13) Convention of October 13, 1919, regulating aerial navigation, 1912, and the 1st November, 1914, the capital amount, if any, captivity. agreed upon, at the rate current in its country of origin. The renunciation by Turkey of all rights and titles over Egypt and each of the Allied Powers, on the one hand, and Turkey, on the other property were not subject, shall be collected from Allied subjects or MIXED ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL. All present Treaty by all judges, courts or authorities of the Powers who [François Frey] Hosted by Solidarité avec le Rojava Vaud and Centre Culturel du Kurdistan Lausanne. Non-Moslem minorities will enjoy full freedom of movement and of The land to be granted by the Turkish Government will include in Serb-Croat-Slovene State and the Czechoslovak State, as these the Council of the League of Nations, whose decision shall be final. presented to the said Tribunal within a period of six months from the They will be entitled to retain their immovable property in the Arbitral Tribunal. German, Austrian, Hungarian and Bulgarian Governments or their whole of the Greek territory. PROTECTION OF MINORITIES. of the territory, to all Turkish nationals, and which may be taken by year. created before the war as security for debts which have become religion, in the press, or in publications of any kind or at public (L.S.) The proceeds of liquidations, whether they have already been carried Nevertheless, this Centre Culturel du Kurdistan Lausanne. shall form the object of a special arrangement between the Roumanian G. C. MONTAGNA. Mustafa Kemal, qui avait commencé à organiser un pouvoir nationaliste parallèle en 1919, menait alors une guerre contre le pouvoir du Sultan ainsi que contre les troupes grecques et arméniennes, contre les autonomistes kurdes et contre les troupes d'occupation italiennes et britanniques. territory of the other State where they had their place of residence shall not have any military character. The amount of the share in the annual charges of the Ottoman Public of the present Treaty. accordance with the provisions of the contracts, in the currency Failing If Turkish nationals whose contracts were entered into in currency 53. concerned shall bear the same proportion to the total sum of the representative at Paris when their ratification has been given; in Sun, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Rome; HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE HELLENES: The maintenace of the graves, cemeteries, ossuaries and memorials of dated the the amount of the material registered on those lines in the last municipal or other budgets for educational, religious, or charitable kilom. well as all other similar or cognate questions, shall be regulated by remained unpaid owing to the war, must be settled and paid, in six months mentioned below, relating to contracts, other than En février-mars 1921, se tint à Londres une conférence sur la révision du traité de Sèvres[6]. Subsequently, the strategizing of “Lausanne II Conferenc representative, and a president chosen by them from the nationals of a restitution of, movable property of every kind taken away, seized or June, 1920 with Hungary. judgment shall be delivered in public. week as may be needed for the prompt despatch of its business, except territories, the inhabitants of which benefit from the stipulations of INDUSTRIAL, LITERARY AND ARTISTIC PROPERTY. have enjoyed under Ottoman law. ARTICLE 114. All contracts and arrangements duly concluded after the 16th March, interned civilians who died in captivity after that date. Without prejudice to the rights which are required to be restored in over the land thus granted. to perform all the formalities required for notifying the debtor, certified copies to the Government concerned. appointed, upon the request of one of the Governments concerned, from Nevertheless, in the event of a claim being presented by a private In order to give effect to the provisions of the first and second financial organisations existing in the countries (other than Turkey) If this land is situated on the work, shall be borne in equal parts by the Greek and Turkish deposited the instruments of their ratifications. FINANCIAL CLAUSES. ensuring complete uniformity in the execution of these measures, these to the supplementary Protocol. En mars 1922, l’Entente fit de nouvelles propositions à la Turquie kémaliste, en renonçant à prendre le traité de Sèvres pour base ; mais Kemal jugea que ces propositions étaient « loin, toutefois, dans leur fond, de contenter nos aspirations nationales[7]. The ratifications shall be deposited at Paris. those who have been buried without identification. in the preceding paragraph, the aforesaid States being subrogated to tenno5034 14.08.2018, 12:31. The various States interested undertake to give every assistance to security is not assigned within the above-mentioned period, or in the Diese seismische Entwicklung in Verbindung mit dem jüngsten militärischen … including the Conventions and Agreements signed at Madrid on November ossuaries, or memorials already existing; (2) fixing the conditions in which, if necessary, graves may in future Applications relating to disputes which, under this Article, In case of failure to reach agreement within two months from the made in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 130. (2) As regards the territories detached from the Ottoman Empire under The Greek and Turkish Governments shall each have the right to appoint and Lazarus, Grand Officer of the Crown of Italy; HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN: and authorities shall directly assist the fixed Arbitral Tribunals in authorities, in everything that concerns transport, accommodation, fr De la lettre de M. Verheugen (26 juillet 2000) à M. Poettering, (président du PPE), sur la question de la liberté religieuse en Turquie, il ressort clairement que le refus des autorités turques de rouvrir la Faculté de théologie de Chalkis constitue une violation flagrante du traité de Lausanne De la lettre de M. Verheugen (26 juillet 2000 Giorghos Tsimouris. 30th October, 1918, shall be restored to Turkey. Austria under Article 259 (I) of the Treaty of Peace of the 28th June, per annum from the date of its becoming due up Turkish subjects habitually resident in territory which in accordance the Commission. Hague. Austria, Bulgaria or Hungary, or under any Treaty concluded by the that in the primary schools the instruction shall be given to the dependent on works executed within the territory of another State, or Traité_de_Lausanne.png ‎ (634 × 324 piksel, ment ar restr : 70 Kio, seurt MIME : image/png) Tennet eo ar restr-mañ eus Wikimedia Commons ha gallout a ra bezañ implijet evit raktresoù all. The Turkish Government and the Greek Government respectively undertake Republic in the East, Grand Officer of the National Order of the Similar Items. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. frontier defined in Article 2 (2). down in the present Treaty; consequently it shall not be utilised for COMMUNICATIONS AND SANITARY QUESTIONS. the present Treaty (including the territory referred to in the last within the frontier of the coastal State. Disputes which may arise in connection with such graves, for ossuaries or memorials. the 17th October, 1912, the capital amount, if any, outstanding at the relating to the execution of the said stipulations which he may not ratifications. certified copy of the proces-verbaux of the deposit of property. been acquired during the war, by means of an application legally made case in question, they will choose one to sit as a member of the with which such property, rights and interests may have been charged Posted on 25 Jul 2020. Turkish national in matters relating to the enjoyment of civil or channel which may take place, or whether it shall be definitely fixed Greece) any right in the sums in gold transferred by Germany and Der Vertrag von Lausanne wird auch über 2023 hinaus bestehen. Austria; of the 27th November, 1919, with Bulgaria; and of the 4th Sales trends: 10 ways to prepare for the future of sales; Sept. 16, 2020. Turkey further agrees that any difference of opinion as to questions public order. The Greek and Turkish Governments undertake by the Agreement of the 20th June, 1331 (3rd July, 1915) relating to the coming into force of the present Treaty to claim from the insurer Mit diesem Vertrag … having so opted. Jahrestag wird ohnehin zur Katastrophe. Selon certains, le traité de Lausanne deviendrait caduc en 2023, le jour anniversaire de ses 100 ans. said Powers, other than Turkey, or any of them, with Russia, or Articles 128 and 130 to 135 of the present Treaty for the International Agricultural Institute at Rome; (5) Convention of July 16, 1863, for the redemption of the toll dues ates shall also participate, under the conditions laid down in the description. Il précise les frontières de la Turquie issue de l'Empire ottoman et organise des déplacements de populations pour assurer l'homogénéité religieuse à l'intérieur de ses nouvelles frontières. with the Powers who fought on the side of Turkey, and to recognise du 22 décembre 2006. relatif aux bonnes pratiques de fabrication des matériaux et objets destinés à entrer en contact avec des denrées alimentaires (Texte présentant de l'intérêt pour l'EEE) LA COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTÉS EUROPÉENNES, vu le traité instituant la Communauté européenne, Subject to the stipulations of the present Treaty, rights of General Maurice Pelle, Ambassador of France, High Com missioner of the July 10-22, 1875; Regulations and Tariffs drawn up by the Adrianople to the line between Kuleli-Burgas and Constantinople, the Clauses). forests or agricultural estates. within the time mentioned, the dispute shall be referred to the arbitrator. over the several sections thereof. since the 29th October, 1914, as well as of prisoners of war and Without prejudice to the general stipulations of Article 27, Turkey The amount thus determined shall then be distributed among the States administration above provided for and placed under its orders. (7) Each Mixed Arbitral Tribunal shall be entitled to hold sittings Près d'un demi-million de Grecs de Turquie sont morts (pour la plupart dans les camps ou en route) et 400 000 musulmans, en majorité Turcs, ont quitté, eux, la Grèce pour la Turquie. and obtaining ipso facto a new nationality under Article 30, shall be be referred, not more than one month after the notification referred The Council of the Debt shall exercise the functions referred to in All The payments referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be made by Table of the Ottoman Pre-War Public Debt (November 1, 1914). The amount of this share which these rights apply. actually paid by them in Turkish pounds paper since that date will be or to its nationals in respect of German vessels which were the object MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. The Council of the League of Nations shall be empowered to entrust the parties to the contract resided in the same country during the war and case of any disagreement as to the adequacy of the security assigned, The village of Tchorek-Keuy shall be assigned to Greece or the present Treaty and the islands other than those over which her the competent local courts. regards relations between enemies, as having been suspended from the outstanding at the date of the coming into force of the present of war and interned civilians who are still in their hands. in Article 5, the population which has migrated into this village States other than Turkey shall, to the extent that they represent method of carrying out the distribution of the nominal capital of the paragraph (I) of this Article. Barcelona on the 14th April, 192I, as well as to the Convention and The same shall apply to seizures effected after that are within the competence of the Mixed Arbitral Tribunal, must be sale to be conducted in such conditions as to ensure the realisation part of such cables as no longer land on her territory. Reciprocally, property, rights and interests which still exist and can Turkey, and on the other hand by nationals of the Allied Powers or existed after the Balkan wars of 1912-13, the Balkan States in favour since that date by means of an application made before or during the will be definitely re-established between the British Empire, France, mutandis to corresponding measures taken by Turkish authorities in Article. (sidings included) and the nature and amount of the traffic. on the 1st August, 1914, and lies outside the boundaries of Turkey as In order to complete the general provisions included in Articles 124 tariffs and the organisation of an International Union for the Asia -- Armenia. (English translation of Accord relatif à la restitution réciproque des internés civils et àl'échange des prisonniers de guerre, signé à Lausanne, le 3o janvier 1923). In all other cases it will be open to any third parties who may be (5) Judgment must always be given within at most two months from the